Official ArcheAge stream with my timestamps - 2.03.2018
This time we had Mobi and Muzzy running the stream for us and this is what information was shared, it was mainly focused around newest event and Trion Creators:
02:45 Stream start

06:00 Festival details start - visiting Ahnimar

10:17 Trion creator showcase - presentation of content related to current event

12:01 Back to Trion festival presentation 

14:45 Muzzy speech about quality informations provided during official stream

18:41 Creator spotlight - Jahlon, Niver, Aired, Yoruki, Sparxisgrounded,

26:45 Playing Yoruki's video, YT too stronk for Trino bandwidth

30:40 Back to Trion stream and some "I want to see more of" from Muzzy

32:40 Giveaways start

37:00 final speech

37:40 Stream end