Officially Official!


So, as the title states, we’re officially up and running with Page 1 of Issue 0! Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why we’ve started with Issue 0, instead of Issue 1. Well, that’s easy - this is our prologue. This story runs rather deep, and we needed to set the stage for you guys, to show you the gravity of the situation (like the pun? Because…ya know…there’s no gravity in space…no? Okay.). 

This Issue is focusing on these two gentlemen above, Wainwright (brunette) and Marcel (blond). We had fun writing this dialogue, because it was natural banter within the realm of the story. The continued faces this pair make started with this one, and continued to be hilarious the more they were drawn. Marcel and Wainwright were the first pair to give us an emotional run for our money, because of the attachment towards them while writing this Issue.

We’ve been looking forward to doing this comic for a good chunk of time, and it took us over a year in planning and having conversations about this, deciding whether or not we were up to the challenge. So stick with us, because we’re going on a journey!

If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following us on our social media platforms, and obviously check out the comic here! The link will take you to our comic page, so you can pick a site that you feel comfortable accessing via mobile or pc. Make sure you use #CChrncl across our social media to get our attention!

See ya for Page 2!