Officially Announcing: 'Love Esquire'!


Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy dating simulator with a touch of turn-based RPG mechanics. 

In the fantasy kingdom of Caerulia, you are not a famous knight; but a good-for-nothing squire wanting to attain man’s greatest pleasure before probably dying in some war you don’t want to be in. There are five heroines to meet in four months – can you find happiness with at least one of them? 


  • Nameable Hero; because it’s your adventure!
  • Five Dateable Waifus; you can never have enough! Each have their own unique personalities and backstories.
  • Day-To-Day Management; allocate your time between waifu interaction and the squirely training of stats.
  • Turn-based combat with a twist; you’re a lowly squire who won’t be useless for long! Assist your knight by healing and cheering him on, taunting enemies, and looting gold. Properly time these actions for maximum effect! 

  • Waifu Relationship Meter; she loves me, she loves me not? Track your current relationship progress.
  • Serena's Shop & Hugh's Not-So-Shady Shop; purchase items that can help you in your quest for glory and love in Serena's shop, or buy sketchy relationship advice from your "ever reliable" knight, Hugh.
  • 11 endings; can you find happiness with your beloved waifu, or will you be forever alone? 
  • Over 16 locations and 45 CGs; intimately explore not only the fantasy world of Caerulia, but your waifus as well. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
  • Original soundtrack; with character and event themes.
  • Comes with a special patch. ❤ 


*These features entirely depend if we will have enough funding left in the future.

  • Voice Acting
  • Animated sprites, backgrounds and CGs




Note: All of these screenshots are work-in-progress and will be changed as development progresses. Also, some of the assets were taken from Google to act as placeholders. They will be removed from the final game.

And here's a bonus CG preview from the special patch:


If you liked the concept of Love Esquire and would like to join us in seeing it to completion, please consider pledging to our Patreon, if you haven't yet. We post weekly updates about the game! ^-^

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Thank you so much, and we hope to talk to you soon! :D


Q: Where and when will Love Esquire be released?

A: If all things go well, we're planning to release the game sometime Q3 2018 on Steam/Itch. We might release on mobile.

Q: Is the special patch going to be free?

A: Yep! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  

Q: Physical merch?

A: It depends, but we don't have any plans for now.