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The Ogre Base
A new node in the MegaDelve! And unlike the last few, this node is only a single map! While labeled as the Ogre Base, this is also the primary entrance to the Dwarven City since the collapse of the upper access to the city (which will be detailed when I draw up the map for Level 1 of the Dwarven City). As is evident by the name, this area has been taken over by a tribe of Ogres – base and crude creatures, but ones clever enough to avoid the city and it’s hazards. Instead the ogres farm the mushroom cave and occasionally launch raids against the goblins and as far north as the Lost River Cave. There are several entrances and exits from this map. The passage on the right side leads back to the Mushroom Cavern. The cavern at the top of the page leads to a secret passage in the Ratfolk Tunnels. In the middle of the page we have two sets of stairs that lead down to level 2 of the Dwarven City, and the natural chimney at the bottom of the cave also leads there. Both passages that lead over the natural cavern are actually bridges that span the narrow but deep cavern that was dug out of the mountain by a small river untold years ago. The north bridge is 20 feet above the cavern floor, while the southern bridge is 40 feet above the floor. Because of the way air flows through these areas, the ogres keep the doors to the great hall (lower right side of the page) closed – when any door is open, an eerie and echoing deep whistling noise can be heard throughout the area as the wind blows through special pipes build into the pillars and some of the wall architecture. Because ogres travel through here, the noise will be ignored for the first turn, but if it continues after that some ogres will investigate from neighbouring areas in order to close the offending door and to beat whoever was responsible for leaving the door open in the first place.