Oh Hello! It's an Update!
Hello! We’ve released an update of what we’ve been up to with The Very Organized Thief game development. This time, it’s a video! Yaay, developer diaries. Here is a link:


During the limited time I currently have available to work at home (due to day job), I’m working on the art for The Very Organized Thief. I don’t have much time left over to work on other art, as much as I want to.

So, while I’m otherwise waiting for things throughout my day (public transport for example) I’m sketching things. I’ve been posting these over on my twitter account! And also a bit posted on my Instagram account... but I’m still getting used to using Instagram, haha.

Here is a link to my Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sathanna

Here is a link to my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sathanna/

Due to this, I’m not really uploading art here on Patreon ‘before anywhere else’ anymore, so I’m going to give this thing an overhaul. Mostly I’ll simplify everything it I think. I imagine this page is going to be a small thing for quite a while, so I’ll scale it back and use it sort of like a blog I guess. My website’s blog needs it’s own fixing up, but I don’t have time for that. >_< So, in the meantime, it gives me a use for Patreon. Hurray!

If you like my art and want to throw me a dollar now and again, thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. But you can also just follow the page for updates. You can get an email message when I make a public post, even if you’re not pledging anything at all. Fancy, eh? You should do it! If you want to. :)  

Also, attached to the post is one of my favourite sketches from recently!

Thanks for reading!