Oh, hi!
This is that weird first post where I should probably write some kind of long, ambling dissertation on what it means to us, as artists, to have some sort of patronage to enable us to continue our creative output. I won't bore you with that. Instead, I'll just go ahead and say a pre-emptive "thank you" for signing up to support us. Or, if you haven't already done so, I'd like to go ahead and ask that you please sign up to support us. If you don't, you'll probably feel guilty about not doing so the rest of the day. Can you walk around with that guilt on your shoulders? Eating away at you like guilt termites? No, of course you cant. No mere mortal can resist the subconscious pain of the guilt termite. 

At the very least, enjoy these photos of our dogs and think about how they'll have to eat the really cheap dog food from the 99¢ store that's probably laced with weird chemicals if you don't support us. 

Oh, you don't like dogs? What kind of person doesn't like dogs? Well, you're entitled to your opinion, but you should still feel guilty about the 99¢ store dog food.

Again, thanks for any amount that you can give. We sincerely appreciate it, even if we don't understand why you don't like dogs.

Tier Benefits
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Become A Patron
$2 or more per month
At this level, you get the experience the warm fuzzies of helping out an artist by buying them a cup of coffee every month! This helps us continue to make and publish fine photos every day rather than sit in an office, doing boring things like spreadsheets or word processing or whatever it is that Salesforce is.
Photo Discount
$5 or more per month
At this level, you can get some some art for your home or office or some other place that you feel needs some fine photos! Maybe your in-laws house is dour and needs some color. Or that dungeon you keep in the basement of your castle is dank and needs something to make it feel home-y. 

With this tier, you get Patreon-exclusive discount codes for use on prints @ 75CentralPhotography.Com. You'll also get the same warm fuzzies you'd get for shelling out the piddly $2 per month you'd get if you went for the lowest tier, but if you did that, you'd miss out on coupon codes. Who doesn't like coupons?

Yay! Now we can afford insurance!
$25 or more per month
At this tier, you help us afford health insurance, so that we can live like 90% of the rest of the world does! No more taking an aspirin and hoping that weird lump goes away! At this level, you'll get an exclusive 5.5"x5.5" signed print every month, delivered to you via the friendly folks at the United States Postal Service. You'll also get the same Patreon-exclusive discount codes that you'd get at that cheaper tier, but then you'd probably feel guilty that we're putting off getting that mysterious rash looked at by a qualified medical professional instead of relying on WebMD to reassure us that it's probably just ezcema.
Holy Hell You're Rich!
$50 or more per month
What can we say? You value us more than we thought anyone could! At this level of support, you get to not only help us pay those pesky insurance premiums, but also help provide us food and shelter. Yay basic human rights! In return, you'll get discount codes and the print subscription just like you would at the level below, but you'll also get a nice 20x30 signed print of your choosing after three months of patronage. Doesn't that sound awesome? I think it does!
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