Oh look, a... block of tuna?!

  Oh hello, my dudes! Nice day today isn't it?

  It got to my attention that the first entry of the 'Oh look, a tutorial' series seems pretty hard to understand. 


 ▿ Because the author's handwriting sucks!! Yeah!!

  Well, even my teachers back in the day couldn't understand my answers most of the time so it's understandable but.... 

  It's also really bland!! Where's the fun in looking at a single piece of picture with my bad explanations and handwriting and calling it a day? 

  None!! Nah-Ah! Nada!

  So let's put a spark and make this series a little more fun!!

  Let's give you another free entry then, to compensate with the first one, yeah? Yay!

  But hmmmmm, I wonder what we're gonna be doing today...

  ... ... ...

  Oh? what's that?

  Hey, it's a Sashi ! And what's that on the sashi's head?


 ▿ A block of tasty looking tuna meat!!


  Doesn't it make you want to eat some tuna~?

  Of course not! Don't underestimate author's iron will! We're just gonna draw it!

  Because going outside of my house to eat tuna is a pain! Yay!!

Let's start with a basic shape!

Now that's a basic looking lousy drawn shape! Good going, author!

Hmmm, now what's a piece of tuna meat's base color?

There we go! Now we're going somewhere!

But that still isn't tuna enough, is it?

Raw fish has line thingies on their meat and author has eaten enough to appreciate them but before that, let's not forget the shape that we're going for.

We're drawing a block of tuna after all! 

Yeah, that shape doesn't really look right but anyways, let's give our little tuna block some dimension!

Here, author has shaded the sides of the tuna block! Yay!

With that in place, let's draw in the lines of the fish meat!

The lines tend to be lighter, yeah? Well, that's how the tuna I eat always looked like anyway!

Of course, the colors aren't supposed to be that solid. Let's blend it!

There we go! Looking more like tuna!

But of course, we're not finished yet. Our little tuna block here is still looking pretty bland, after all.

Raw fish meat is quite moist, isn't it? Let's add highlights on the top!

Now, ain't that making your mouth water a little bit? Yeah!

... ... ....


Just me? ...Okay.

*ehm* Our little tuna block is still lacking dimension though!

Let's look back to the lousy drawn imaginary lines and follow them.

Hmmmm, let's put the light source on the left side.

There! Now it's a real tuna block!! Hooray!

I tend to add glows here and there along with some shades to make certain parts look softer and pop out more too.

Tada!! Do you see the difference? I hope you do!

And with that, we have finished drawing the tuna block!! Yay!!

Let's review the steps with this gif!

Look, it's a block of tuna!!!

Ooh, doesn't that make you proud? It's like watching your child grow up every step of the way except that instead of a child, it's a block... of tuna...

... ... ...

 ...You get what I mean!

Anyways, let's wrap it up with a final side by side comparison of the steps!

Thank you for joining me today!!

See you next time!