Oh Patreon, why are you like this?
So there's been a recent change in the way Patreon handles money. A change that is kinda baffling. I don't know exactly what's going on behind the scenes, but it just seems stupid.

There's a good video explaining the whole thing here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou6ZbLxsSVI

But in short, Patreon is now pushing transaction costs to the patrons instead on me, the content creator. It suddenly became more expensive to be a patron giving money to creators, and somehow this is supposed to translate to me getting more money... which it kinda doesn't. Id much rather eat the transaction costs and have clean plege tiers of even dollars for my patrons.

Also they are charging the transaction fees from every pledge instead of from a big chunk at the end of the month, which means people who are pledging to multiple campaigns are being fucked hard by this. It is a stupid change that ultimately probably kills off all the 1 dollar pledge tiers site wide, and making others angry. 

Knowing how much transaction fees eat up chunks of money going though the internet, I've tried to build my patreon campaing around the 5 dollar pledge from the beginning... But I was always glad to have a lower tier "hey heres a tip!" type of pledge too... That's now probably going away at somepoint. And smaller campaigns who rely on 1 dollar pledges are gonna die off entirely.

I don't know much about this specificly so I wont be discussing this in more detail here. Things might still change and I'm not sure what the full impact is yet... this is more of just a heads up that things are going on and people are mad.

I already lost like 10 patreons who quit the site in protest. Feels bad man.

Things were simple before, now they ain't.