The oh so Famous Shirt
Last image is in honer of Wash's shirt.  If you look closely at his shirt you will see that it has a Pagoda, clouds, mountains, a Bonsai tree, and Dinosaurs.  I can't fit all of that onto a 1/2" x 1/2" space on a charm so I thought the Bonsai tree and Pagoda was a fair compromise.  Hopefully I'll also be able to add the clouds, but I'm not sure If I can fit them in or not.  If there is time to order a stamp of this image then the clouds will definitely be there  since a laser cut stamp can have more detail than something I draw by hand... or at least it can if I want more than one of an image.   More than one of something super detailed and my hand starts to call me mean names.

The bonus of this image is I can use it in other bracelets and that makes me so happy.  I also kept the image of just the pagoda and just the bonsai tree; since I drew them separately and then put them together, just encase I need them later.   It is a rare occasion when I think that far in advance