Oh So Progress! [Development Timeline]

July 2019! Mark your calendars, ‘cause we’re making great progress and getting closer to releasing our demo of Oh So Hero!

(Thanks to Magoloric for the graphic!)

Here’s a text summary version of what’s left to finish:

  • Implement acquired abilities
  • Finish level design
  • Add new sound effects and music
  • Add bonus enemies (also sex!)
  • Add checkpoint system
  • Bug fixes/optimization/tuning
  • Final update on credits
  • Prep for distribution!

To make sure things progress swiftly and smoothly, we have recruited a few new staff members: Sejha & KurtKoopa will be providing sound design, and our new composer, Cilantro, will be complimenting Tweaker’s work on the music! Welcome to the team~

We’re in the home stretch. Thank you all for your continued support!

- Ket, Red, & all of us at Full Frontal Frog (Ribbit~)

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