Oh the Struggles I've Seen

    Well this weeks little update is just as the title says. We've all seen struggle and we will always have some struggles. I've been struggling lately, with where to start, how often to post, is my drawing any good?, how long before I start selling, or how do I make money? When all you want to do is make a living telling stories, drawing those stories and being creative what do you do? Well for me the answer seems to be I don't know? I don't know what I should do first besides just draw. I want to make fan art in between my own work but it's scary to think you might get in trouble or people might try to call you out for "stealing" when you never have. I'm not saying I'm going to let any of that stuff get me down but it does hold me back a little right now.

    There are also the person struggles we face that fans or watchers or followers don't know about. I'm sure we all know that there is a behind the scenes life of the artists we follow that we don't know about. A lot of people only post the good stuff because they only want followers to see the good and never the bad. Also there's always that one jerk that starts a riot in the comment section about the artist wanting "sympathy" to get money, that the artist is whiney and needs to suck it up, and the always favorite for everything and anything "there are people who are worse off than you" I've never personally had to deal with that and I'm glad but that's something I worry about when it comes to posting things about myself. I don't want sympathy but rather I do want people to understand where I'm coming from and what I'm going through and for people to get to know me better. My boyfriend is currently taking care of us while I pursue my dreams. On one hand this is awesome because he's supporting me and not hounding me to get a job, on the other hand I feel so bad because what I love doing isn't making me any sort of income just yet. Which in turn leads me back to the struggles and worries I've mentioned above. 

    If you ever get caught in this nasty little circle of thinking I want you to just take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. This helps me when I'm stressing myself out lol. Also I want you (the reader and myself lol) to know you aren't the only one going through this and you will be okay. My sister once told me that it doesn't matter what road I take in life because she knows and believes I'll always get to where I'm supposed to be and I'll be fine. This is something I've come to believe myself, and I think it rings true for everyone. 

    So the moral of the journal is to acknowledge your stress, do something to de-stress, and in the words of Walt Disney "Keep Moving Forward" 

Until next time