I have been neglecting this profile for a bit lately, sorry, but yeah, I do have a hard time keeping up atm!

This motherhood-thing is, shall we say.. just not getting much easier! I guess I kept thinking - "oh in a month or two it'll be much easier!", and trying to keep up with being an artist and posting and updating here and there, in the hope of.. yes I don't know what - "being successful"?, "doing what I love"?, "making money"? or maybe just surviving - a mix between getting in a tiny bit of money in and somehow living my own life, not just being a mother.. 

But it is hard keeping up, and hard being creative when body and mind are working on excess fuel.

But I'm still here! And I still have a passion and will and I have also been doing stuff! 

In the end of November my second illustrated Children's Book, "A er for Aber", written by Marianne Holmen, was published! ( )

And I've been getting some stuff on to my web-shop on Etsy (take a look on the link, with a logo I am not too happy with, but it's on my long long list of things to fix!)

So thank you for still supporting me, even though the amount is not very high atm, being more than 0 is still pretty amazing to me! Thank you!