Oh, Yes, Another new project!Ugh!
I was working on something for the upcoming class i am teaching in May on Zentangle and the different facets of it, when it dawned on me that these cute cards could be personalized toward the Peninsula (i.e., Sequim, Port Gamble, Tacoma, etc. So, today I went in to the Studio (even though it was my day off) to see how they would look with a "place" inside of the "dangle" design. I need to practice more, but I think I kind of like it. I will put a few cards out this week and see if anyone is drawn to them. 

I would like to welcome my brother, Don, and his lovely wife, Geri, from Missoula, Montana as new Patrons! Thank you so much! They join my oldest daughter, Tamara, who was my first supporter and "introducer" to this new idea. It has certainly made me more aware of what I do each day in the way of making art and of sharing it. 

Collage of the day is found on my Art on a Moonbeam page on Facebook. 

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