Oil and Flair! ~ by Indigo + Car News!!!
To create something just as creative as it is enticing can be challenging to pull off right. Indigo images and I put our ideas together with his massive collection of pretty necklaces and a bottle of baby oil to enhance the skin for ultimate shiny eroticism! 

This is erotic art, though not abstract, boldly explicit! A shameless pictorial celebrating the human body. I hope you enjoy it!

TEN photos are available for the "playful tiers" and 19 BOLD Photos are available to all those who pledge at lease $29 and higher!

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****The Latest****

 I finally got my car back yesterday!! After blowing a headgasket in the middle of nowhere, surviving my San Francisco tour carless, and finding my way back to Canyonville OR, It took about 2.5 weeks!

 I ended up finding a friendly ex Navy captain on craigslist to carpool me 6 hours south to Canyonville (his grandson is in a nearby town and he makes regular road trips, apparently. He likes to carpool to split gas $$ and ride in the HOV lane) 

I got back SUPER late and today I have so much catching up to do!!! It feels awesome to have my wheels back, my freedom! It cost a pretty penny, but in my opinion, independence has no price tag ;) 

Thanks SO much for your continued support, I am sending positive vibes to you all and your families! Stay tuned for my next post with VIDEO from the above shoot!!! 

 ;) PLUS I have a special surprise for you all!!!

Peace and Love