Sooo here's something ~original~

  It's kind of funny how things start, like - I didn't head into working on the Oilverse approaching it as the great big story thing it is now  

Literally what happened was, back in 2015, my friends were getting on my ass about not having drawn a Gemsona.
I love Steven Universe, really I do, but I never had an interest in doing something like that.  

Just to tease them, I told them "Oh yeah no I totally have. Their name's uh, Calcite (or whatever the hell Chalk is made of)" and sent them a picture of Snap.  

They (lovingly) told me to fuck off and be serious, and I was like, "alright okay I was kidding. This is my real Gemsona, Liquid Crystal. "

They got (jokingly) pissed and I, being the twit that loves to drag jokes on longer than they need to go for, went through the trouble of drawing this little abomination up, and sent it to them saying "No, no, really! See, they even have a fusion!"  

We had a good laugh.
..And then I kinda fell in love with him.

And made the poor, poor choice of deciding to keep him, and letting him grow to be his own thing.
I dubbed him 'Oil', and he's technically now a 2-year-long running joke.

This was the first time I ever drew him, EXACTLY two years ago today!
My style has changed a little (or at least, I'd like to think it's improved, haha) but his design is largely unchanged. Gotta keep to his roots, y'know?  

It all started with him, and kinda extended from there...   
To mark the 2 year anniversary today, I'm going to start posting about these little stick figures and their stories that have grown so near and dear to my heart.   
Plenty of this art has been posted publicly, but never with any extensive context - I've always been much too shy and paranoid to share my original ideas like that...  
But I figure Patreon might be a good place to start easing myself out of my shell!   

So I'm going to start posting about these guys for all my patrons to see, between my other regular art - there'll be some art of these guys up to 2 years old that I've never shared with anyone aside from very close friends with context, but plenty of recent art too.  

So uh, yeah! Here we go!