Oil & Water
 Ink has tried to teach him to swim... But he refuses to even TOUCH a large body of water, let alone submerge himself in one.
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Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Oil Pack
$1 or more per month

A sort of tip-jar tier - the basic donation pack for those who prefer the simple things in life!
  • My eternal gratitude!
  • Access to patron-only feed!
  • Early looks at art before it's public!
  • Early looks at speedpaints before they're public!
  • WIPs, sketches, doodles and concepts! 
  • Lore and context behind Original Content that I'm not yet prepared to delve into on a public scale!
  • Vote in Patron-only polls!
Ink Pack
$5 or more per month

A precise pack perfect for the analytical type!
At the beginning of each month, I'll provide a .ZIP file containing: 
  • Full-Res Images!
  • Layered PSD files! (May exclude commissioned pieces)
  • Select Process GIFs!
  • Occasional bonus videos!
  • Access to all previous months' Ink Packs!
  • Includes the contents of the Oil Pack!  
Charcoal Pack
$10 or more per month

A practical pack for the avid commissioner - or anyone who's just especially generous!
  • A guaranteed slot, even if slots are otherwise filled!
  • Commission queue priority!
  • 15% off commissions! 
  • Includes the contents of both the Oil and Ink Packs! 
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