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You get all of my love. That's right, the entirety of my worldly affection can be yours for just one dollar. This may seem unreasonable, or even impossible, given the fact that any number of people could potentially pledge at this tier, but don't let those nagging doubts bother you. I can assure you, you will be the only one in my heart if you give me a dollar to write about cartoons.
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How about I just give you my book? Funny story - before I started working on all this criticism stuff, I generally wrote "genius young adult novelist" in most career goal fields. I actually self-published my first book a little while ago, and it's just sitting here, and clearly you guys deserve nice things, so at five dollars I'll toss it your way. It's pretty good! It's about a grim reaper's assistant, and is full of romance and death and all the fun stuff.
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Alright, so books and ask.fm answers don't thrill you. How about you just point me towards what you want me to review next? Feel free to aim any donation of $5 or more towards future writeups on any show/movie/etc. I'm keeping a running tally of current projects going on the, er, Current Projects page of the site (http://wrongeverytime.com/current-projects/), so feel free to stop by and pick something that sounds interesting!
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You can buy an ask.fm answer. I get a crapton of questions about basically everything on ask.fm, and don't have the time to answer a fraction of them, so if you'd really like me to definitely discuss a particular topic, here ya go. Keep your treasured question relatively classy - I'll just ask for another one if you ask something gross or offensive or whatnot, but otherwise, I'm here for you (for money).
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