The OK hand sign is NOT racist!
This needs to be stated: Just because some asswipe, 1%-er, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, hypocrite celebrity or political commentator tweets something DOES NOT mean that it's true.

If you think that the "OK" sign, something that has existed in American non-verbal vernacular, literally, for decades... If you think that the "OK" sign is now, all of a sudden, a symbol of white supremacy then you seriously need to look into getting some psychological counseling. Because that perspective is not just insane, it's also beyond illogical and utterly idiotic to the degree of a possible mental disorder.

Furthermore, these two people are not white supremacists. The only reason that they posted a picture of themselves displaying the OK sign is because so many Leftist SJWs (including in the media) have completely lost their grip on reality and are constantly on the verge of becoming "triggered" for the most asinine and innocuous event. As a result, leftist SJWs are almost certain to act like little cry-baby pansies about pretty much anything 99% of the time and Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks knew that swaths of SJWs would get their panties so ruffled up about the picture that they wouldn't be able to pee for a week. SJW bladders all across the country are currently in dire need of an emergency room tapping procedure. 

 This is a white supremacist hand sign. It makes sense to be a white supremacist hand sign. It is not something natural and you can clearly distinguish the letters "W" and "P" in the way the hands are positioned.

 However, Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopoulos, et al are not putting up the "OK" sign as a sign of white supremacy. They are posting pictures of themselves displaying the OK sign specifically to troll leftist SJWs and to show those in the world who have not yet lost their grip on reality just how asinine and ridiculous the "triggering & outrage-culture" of the left really is. I think you can say that they have accomplished their mission.

 the /pol/ community is also demolishing the left. Look out for new allegations in the coming weeks that the "peace sign" has magically changed it's meaning to now signify "the gender-normative" idea that there are only two genders... a sign that has been imported from (dum-dum-duuuuuum)... mother RUSSIA. <facepalm> 

 Also, please stop listening to anything that race-bating asshole, Tariq Nasheed, spews out of his lying pie-hole. 


 See, this is called trolling... 

 No Tariq, this is a group of American conservatives trolling idiots like you who see nothing but racism at every step.