OK It's Poll Time
I want to hear from you! Poll below - you can click multiple options! You don't have to read this, but if you want, it shines a light on my reasoning behind this poll.

Preamble: I hope I've conveyed over the past four months or so that I'm embarking on a whole new process, or bringing this song-making process to the next level. It's a huge learning curve and it's taking a massive amount of stamina and grit, learning and applying a suite of new tactics. BUT I had a major breakthrough this past week when I finally got my first song into my protools. Protools is the leading audio recording/mixing/mastering software and those of you who've been around a while (thank you) know that I won(!) a copy from Graham Cockrane's Recording Revolution two years ago April. Literally, after hundreds of hours of study and research it's taken me this long to figure out how to get the tracks in there and hear them come back out. I know it sounds crazy. But it's true. I'm doing some of the most challenging work of my life. Modeling a water and sewer system and doing 3D autocad drawings was never this challenging. I'm getting closer to making the music I hear in my head come to real life. OK. So there's the pramble. 

Here's the bottom line: it's taking me longer than I expected to get this song built and finished. It's already the last day of February (insert freak out music and emojis). As my cherished patrons, would you like:

Release every step of the song, from the acoustic inception to the first recording, to the finished product

Just keep working on it and share the finished product.

There has to be video. If it's not video, I'm not clicking it.

Share what you have right now and don't worry about it not being done.

Give me acoustic versions even if the song is going to get full production.

I want a finished song and a video every month.

10 votes total