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OK, now we're starting for real, Patrons! :-)
Turns out I hadn't quite jumped through ALL the hoops necessary to trigger Patron payments here on Patreon, so none of you were charged at the end of November for the one week of November that was on there. No worries: I *think* I have it figured out now? Charges will happen at the end of each month, so in December if I do everything right, everyone will be charged fo 5 weeks because of how the days fall, while in Jan and Feb it will be only 4 weeks per month. Hope that's not too confusing. Meanwhile a new chapter of DGC appeared today: (and make sure you caught up last week. I won't always post here on Patreon for every chapter...) Meanwhile, in site news: Guess what's in the mail? That's right. Kickstarter rewards! About 40 packages went out on Monday, and the rest on Tuesday. They would have all gone out together except I missed picking up the T-shirts on Friday and had to wait until Monday to get them! Fan memes! Chris & Lena & I have been making DGC memes! Want to get in on the fun? I posted the logos at the end of last chapter ( for those who want to add them to the images. Please share these on social media if you like them! And please make your own! [Be sure to use creative commons works or stock art you hold rights to, eh?] I'll post them on Tumblr ( and I also started a Daron's Guitar Chronicles Pinterest board ( One more thing about Patreon Donations! I figured I should clear up one thing: if $50 comes via the Tip Jar in a given week I'll still make a third post just like before. But what I'm encouraging people to do is set up to give $1 per week through Patreon. if I start getting $75 per week via there, I'll make DGC three-times-a-week all the time! And here's the thing: Patreon donors will automatically get ALL BONUS SCENES. So Patreons won't need to give extra when a hot scene comes up. I'll send it automatically via the Patreon system. Cool, eh? The Patreon total is now up to $15.50 per week. So we're 20% of the way to the $75 goal! Everyone who pledged so far should have just gotten charged for the month of November. Even though the pledges are per week, Patreon only runs the charges at the end of each month. Meanwhile, for those asking, if we get to $75 in Patreon *and* there are weeks that *also* have $50 in Tip Jar donations, YES I'll post FOUR times! Upvotes: Reminder, a way to support DGC that costs no money is to upvote us every week on Top Web Fiction ( and each day to click the star to like us on the daily Wattpad repost (new chapter every day, but here's the main page: Thanks for all your support!