OK so what exactly do I need to do in order to refill my PRO 1 carts
To help clarify what will actually take place.
I will have Pre Machined PGI-20 Carts pre loaded with Single Use Chips for sale.
If you plan to just buy the chips from us of from China through ALIBABA.com, you will need to
machine the cart chip compartment to allow the Chinese chip to sit flush.
I would suggest you simply buy the carts from me! If nothing else, to make your life easier.

The ink sales will me through Precisioncolors.com or Inkjetcarts.us
IJC will provide free profiling for ink customer as will PC through me!

So I hope to have an ordering website up soon so you all can order the CARTs .

Chips / 60 Ml syringes and special refilling tips!