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Ok USA Tour Journal 17
I’m pretty sure everyone got a good night’s rest last night. We all slept indoors for the first time since… Reno? Yeah, Reno. Plenty of space for us to stretch out, a couple of air mattresses, a very comfortable queen-sized futon. Guess which I was on. I’ll give you a hint, it wa the one the puppy jumped up to to say good morning to Luka.

Pretty uneventful morning, we had some showers and all those nice little amenities that are few and far between on tour. We couldn’t puttz around though, we had to get down to San Diego as quick as we can. Partly because Aj’s head blew and we need to see if we can get it fixed, and partly because we wanted to go to the beach. I was 100% down for getting Aj’s equipment fixed, as that’s obviously an integral part of what we’re doing out here. And was 70% down to go to the beach. I’m not really much of a beach guy, I don’t swim, (see: can’t swim) and the whole concept of sand is about the most annoying natural resource on this planet. 70% seems pretty high for a guy so opposed to the beach, so what gives? I’ll tell you what gives you imaginary person I’m talking to. What gives is that I’m only 1 of 7 people in  this van. 8 after we picked up Lauren from the airport. And it means more to me that my friends go out and have a good/relaxing time. Oh and Lauren is a flight attendant, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before, but if you’re wondering who in their right mind would be dropping so much on flights just to hang out with us (well, T.J really), it’s a flight attendant. I think she was technically on call the entire time she hung out with us today, and wasn’t even able to stay for the show. But her and Ted don’t know the next time they’ll be able to see each other, so we do our best to accommodate their long distance. They’re so great together, and she makes him truly happy. Since Teddy is one of my closest friends, I’ll go to the ends of the earth to make sure he’s as happy as he can be. That goes for all the guys on tour. So that means I get over myself a little bit and get some damn ass sand in my shoe.

Just look how happy these guys look. I’ll take sand in the butt crack for stuff like this any day:

Plus I got to play catch, and I’ve been working on getting a tighter spiral and it’s actually getting better.

Look at that form, I’m at peak physical condition.

The sad thing is, when I played football in college, I actually played defense and punted, so it was quite embarrassing when I tried to punt the ball into the ocean and it wound up going ten feet. Dieter got a good action pic of me looking like an absolute dummy:

Just check out that illustrious form. No wonder we went 0-9 with 2 touchdowns. (Honestly, that season of football was one of my favorite sport seasons I’ve ever had, so it’s not that big of a deal that we weren’t that good. Go Blue Demons) Anyway, I was talking about our day off. So I brought a drone with a camera on it with us on tour. I haven’t had many opportunities to really take it out and fly it. I’m worried about roofing it, or getting it stuck in a tree or something like that. But out here in San Diego beach parking lot I was able to really try and fly it. Of all the pics I tried to take, this is the best one:

There were a couple other ones, but they didn’t really look all that drone-y. I was also able to take an 8 second video that I can only hope a link will work for it, try to click it here . If it doesn’t work I’ll go back and add a note saying it doesn’t work. I don’t add links and pics and shit until the very end. There’s a little behind the scenes for the behind the scenes for you. One more Tourlaroid for the road. 

We got to Soma a little past 3. Fucking around with the drone and then having to get Aj’s bass head made us a little late, but it wasn’t a big deal. We’re on time or super early 95% of the time. (And really no one said anything anyway I don’t know why I’m starting to sound defensive.) Soma is pretty sick, I had been here once before like 5 years ago to visit my buddy who was doing merch for a different band. The venue is big, and very spacious, plenty of parking. It’s damn near perfect. The only drawback was the lack of alcohol. Like we had some up in the green room, but the fans weren’t allowed to have any. Then again, most of the fans that have been coming to these shows have been underage, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Nothing really matters, but that’s another story for another time.  The merch setup was kinda wonky. For such a big venue, the merch was out of the way, and I ended up relegated to the corner. Still sold alright though.

I have no idea how the show went. I basically spent the entire show playing with T.J’s fidget spinner. You know those stupid little thing kids keep playing with? Well today was Dieter’s birthday and we got him one. Because he lost his, and because they were 2 for $7. I wouldn’t really call them “fun” but it was something to do other than troll Twitter and kill my battery. 

Also, happy birthday Dieter. You’re 24 years old, and if you’re lucky you got another 3 years left before it’s all over. You’re also laying next to me in the van bunk beds. I’ll try not to fart on you too much tonight. It is after all, your birthday. 

**Note from Gears: I tried to find a picture of Dieter to share with you guys for his bday. The problem with a good photog is that he's always behind the camera, and is rarely on the business end. Check him out on twitter and instagram @DUnrath, or find him swiping right in your town on Tinder.**

Got a couple hours left until Phoenix. Pretty stoked to be heading back east. As much as the rest of the guys love the ocean, I truly miss the midwest. How fucking lame is that? 

Jesus christ I sound like a fucking nerd.