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Ok USA Tour Journal 21
I think the funniest thing about staying in a Wal-Mart parking lot is that we don’t really even shop at Wal-Mart all that much. Personally I think that company can get fucked, but I guess the prices aren’t bad. We really only go in there because there are so many of them, and they are open 24 hours. We’re not the only ones who do this either, if you ever are at a Wal-Mart late at night you’ll usually see semi-trucks, or cars parked in the way back like us. Please don’t fuck with people when they’re sleeping, as I can assure you it’s already difficult to sleep in a car like that, add in the anxiety that at any moment someone can literally just waltz up and fuck with your shit makes it even worse. 

We popped over to where the rest of the guys were staying to pick them up. On the way over Aj sat up front and played some Porteguese House music through the aux. This is something none of us want to listen to when we’re hype, let a lone first thing in the morning. It was funny for a second, but it wound up upsetting Zech a little bit. Or maybe something deeper was going on there, but as far as I knew he didn’t really talk to anyone most of the day. And I know he reads this, so I just wanted to say that the rest of us are worried about you homie, if something is up come talk to us. Or if it was just Aj’s shitty music, well… We wont let him play it again. 

Which I suppose brings me to a point I haven’t really talked about all tour. And that is, the social fatiuge that inevitably sets in the longer you’re out here. This shit is hard. As much as we have a good time doing stuff and playing shows and all that things are stressful. There are 6 very strong personalities in this van, plus Jake (who is just the nicest most accomandating dude). But shit, even Jake has been, at times, irritable. It’s not something I discuss much because it usually is just a passing thing. We have little spats of arguments, and/or snapping at each other for no real reason. Hell, I’ve done it a couple times (but that may not be surprising to some people). This is no one’s fault, really it just happens when you’re around the same people 90% of the time, in a high stress environment. So maybe it’s a good thing that Zech took the day to himself to reset. Maybe we all need a little something like that at some point. It’s an ugly side of tour that, if it’s not addressed can spell disaster for a band. If it’s nothing then it’s nothing. (Nothing can be anything from being too tired to being in joint pain or having back pain.) But if there’s something that is bugging you that someone is doing, or has been doing or whatever then we talk about it. And I feel that for the most part that’s something I try to manage as best I can. Not everyone is going to have a good day every day, but if there is something going on the guys know (or at least I hope they know) that they ought to come to me so it can be handled.

No point in holding on to silly little grudges when deep down we don’t actually mean it. Don’t want something to boil over and have things happen that can’t be undone.

(I think this pic accurately portrays Zech's general state last night.)


San Antonio. The Alamo, if I’m remembering correctly. We had somewhat discussed going and seeing it, but we opted to sleep in a little bit. We got to the venue around 2ish, and load in was at 3. This left us with a lot of time to do basically nothing. What we wound up doing was very boring, yet important, band business stuff like walking to the bank and going to a dollar store. 

This dollar store was unlike anything I’ve ever really been in. It had everything. Like I’m used to Dollar General and shit like that, but this store had name brand snacks, and bottles of wine for $3. Like I know it’s not anything super exciting to go to a dollar store, but to be able to stock up on snacks, and grab things we need for the band (like safety cones) is pretty dope. This also allowed us to grab some little play things to keep us occupied. But as I was walking around the store looking for cool shit to buy I found this:

It was so beautiful, yet so heartbreaking. As much as I love Arnold Palmer, and as much as I would love to buy a billion of these right now because I barely ever see it, I simply couldn’t buy any. Not because I was broke or anything, but because the sweet irony of tour is that I have no place to store them. These Arnies are warm, so they can’t be drank now. We don’t have a fridge/cooler so I have no way of chilling them. I’ve gone the route of stocking up on APs in the van and honestly they get in the way if I don’t drink them fast enough. This isn’t even mentioning the part where the van doesn’t have cup holders in the back so if I want to drink it while not in the front I have to hold it the entire time. It sucks. But for an ice cold one it’s worth it. But for this wall? I’ll have to pass for now, and dream about what could’ve been.

After coming back from the dollar store we still had time to kill, so naturally we fucked around with the things we bought at the dollar store. Well, first up we found an orange we picked last week in L.A rolling around the van and decided to take a couple swings at it with a whiffle bat. 

Then we played a little bit with a confetti popper. It took T.J far too long to get this thing to open, so this look of delight on his face is absolutely genuine. (Also check out his arms to see how ripped he is.

**Note from Gears: There was suppose to be a gif here but there isn't. Just imagine T.J's big muscly body**

Last up, As It Is’ photographer Lily came up with bubbles and Ted grabbed this boomerang.

This time wasn’t exactly our standard day, but it’s more like a regular tour day than anything I’ve ever written about. Sure you’re in this new city, but you really don’t have the time or energy to go out and explore. I mean, we’re out here working trying to chase the dream. So if that means we spend an hour or so whacking an orange with a bat, or playing with dollar store shit, that’s fine. I mean, shit Aj and I snuck off to play with the drone in the parking lot. It wasn’t windy so it seemed like a decent day to get him to fly for the first time. 

As the clouds started to loom T.J and Dieter remembered that they wanted to do merch promo pics, which actually came out really nicely and you’ll see the pictures pop up on their Instagram. Pictures like this:

What you wont see on the instagram is how we actually took that pic. You see promo shots are meant to be as perfect and as appealing as possible (which is why we had T.J be the model). On top of that we want the design to be legible and looking good. So when the shirt was having trouble staying flat, I had to jump in and help:

The tongue was absolutely the most important aspect of Dieter taking the shot, for the record. And while we were out there taking promo pics, I had T.J take a little video of me fucking around with the fidget spinner.

The show itself went pretty well. Capstan is fucking tight and I’m stoked that I get to hear them all this week. They’re also getting along with us really well, which is good because you never know how people are going to be when you meet them. We’ve been very fortunate to be on tour with the likes of As It Is, Roam, and Grayscale because everyone of those dudes are fun to be around. Again, everyone has their dickish moments, but it’s whatever. We all have been having fun. I also can’t stress how awesome As It Is has been to everyone on this tour. Not just the touring bands, but the fans and everyone in general. It makes touring a little less stressful when the headliners are like “yeah, absolutely have some of this free food we got! Come chill with us on the bandwagon!” Etc etc. I almost forgot a picture of my merch table, but I managed to snag one during As It Is but from my point of view.

The boys played well, like always and this crowd was pretty into it. Actually Capstan had some fans in the crowd too so that actually probably helped us out some. 

During/after the show my back was killing me, so for the first time I wound up taking a night ride in the back bench. It was nice. I played with a fidget spinner and just listened to music and took a nap. Wound up staying in the van for the night with Luka (so he wasn’t alone) as well. Luka wanted to avoid getting cat fur on stuff, so he opted for a van bench. I’ve never been to Houston before but it rained, hard, literally all night. It was pretty sick, actually. I loved hearing it on the roof of the van all night.