Okay guys, I need some feedback

This has been racking around in my brain for a while now; I've been thinking of changing up the uploading style a little. As you all may or may not know, I am constantly working on builds and projects in between my “real job” and the small amount of “free time” I can find in my life

The process in which a series of uploads can be ready to share, tends to be based on a number of factors (like the quantity of posts, completing written work etc). It's then queued a week at a time, to eventually be shared here!

Recently however, I’ve been noticing that the projects I’m currently working with have been getting larger and more tedious to complete within a certain time frame. At the moment, I upload photos of a project as they are 100% complete. It gives me the peace of mind that I haven’t missed anything when I share stuff (Well I mean I still miss stuff, but nobody's perfect). :P

So that’s where my question comes in! Should I shake up the status quo and upload project progress as it happens?
Pros: Opportunity to donate to a project’s BrickLink Orders, able to recommend/change ideas during the different design stages
Cons: Spoiling upcoming photographs/ideas, longer waiting periods between updates.


Keep up the same old uploading pattern?
Pros: No spoilers! More regularly uploaded content (ie guaranteed weekly updates), Seeing the project from start to finish all in one place!)
Cons: It’s the same as it ever was.


Heck, we could just try it with one project between all the regular uploaded content through the weeks! (if that's the case, there may be a follow-up poll for which project to pursue)

Upload As It Goes Down (the slow burn)

I'm Cool With The Status Quo (same old same old)

Let’s try it with just one project and see how it goes!

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