Okay, So We're Doing This

When I said I was going to post whenever the hell I wanted from now on, I didn't quite anticipate the first such post being at 11.30pm on a Sunday, but here you go.

It's a brief one today - I've started putting in the changes to the various tier rewards, info pages, and so on. Here's a lovely bullet pointed list accompanied by an adorable feline.

- $10 Patrons now receive at least one piece of exclusive content per month. This replaces the preview reward, which let's be honest, I was shit at doing. I'll be better at doing this one!

- For every $10 Patron, I will now pay it forward to another female or minority creator here on Patreon. Later this week, I'm going to pick the first round of these and send them out - some of my existing pledges will count, and some do not.

- $50 Patrons have had their acknowledgement clarified that it's any book, not just novels. Yes, that means your names will be in my chapbook!

- The Discord is no more. Press F to pay respects.


So like I said, it's changes but not huge ones. In the case of $10 Patrons, there's actually more in your tier than before. I'm really excited about the pay it forward scheme - I've got a lot of creators I'm eyeing up already (goodness that sounds awful), and I'd love to hear any suggestions you have.

Much love from this midnight burst of activity <3

PS: As with all tier updates this post is public, so hi, non-Patrons - you're also awesome.

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