Hey folks!

I finally had some time to finish up something... anything... just to lay down some paint and call something done.

A new job, paying off debt [don't go into debt... just don't do it], taking care of my health, attempting to be a friend to my friends... and watching a shit-ton of movies and reading 2100 pages of Joseph Campbell's magnus opus, The Masks of God I-IV, is where I devoted my time.  So, painting had to wait.

But, here's a finished thing.  It's the colored version of this guy - link .  The original drawing is up for sale here - link .

I'm not charging for this post.  I've not been a consistent artist and a few of you have hung in there, even still.  I appreciate it.  I've still got more images I'm working on.  I even re-started J•Kobb... but, not completely.  The color scheme just wasn't making me happy.  After finishing the above piece, I feel like I've touched on a better approach for J•Kobb.

So, thanks again, folks!  Happy 2017!

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