Slowly but surely, I have been putting my life back together. During my relocation back to NC over 1/3 of my household shipment was lost. Most of it, over a decade's worth of artwork and supplies, is now gone. Having  yet to recover those items has been devastating. However, my OCPD helps to keep me focused and moving forward in times like these. Free to think outside of the confines of my materials I started to imagine again. I found a new sense of freedom and honesty guided my inspiration. However, what was inspired was not new, strange, or original.  It was old, very old. It found something hidden and forgotten behind years of fear and doubt. I was so disconnected from myself that I almost didn't recognize it. It was me. My inspiration lead back to the very moment in my childhood that sent me down the path of artistry to begin with. It did so unapologetically with a force and vigor I did not know I was capable of. This realization gave me such a feeling of comfort and peace, that I currently can not create without being in that place again. So that's where I am. Starting over again refocused, reenergized, and rebuilding. 


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