Old Art! Character Concepts
These two are the Main character, Ragnar [right] and his father, Rutlok [left]

Original text from when I posted it on FA : 

"They don't look much like father and son at first glance but they have similar coloration and Ragnar has his father's mane.

Ragnar lost his mother at an early age when she went mad and attacked his father. She had caught Rutlok by surprise giving him those nasty scars and tearing his ear and breaking his horn.

All "demons" are very diverse, and due to their situation and magical properties, are able to interbreed more freely than usual species, which is why many look like chimera type beings.

The downside to this is that it can mess with certain genes, like the ones for the wings, hence why Rutlok has such small ones despite being a fully grown adult.

Bat like wings like what Ragnar has are also unheard of. Most of the "demons" have white to dark grey feathered wings. Some have black wings, and even have a thumb spike, but never has any of them been born with 'demonic' or bat-like wings.

As for personalities, Rutlok I like to think of being a lot like Mufasa, but with a bit of Scar in him. Hes a bit more cunning but mostly goes off of instinct and his "gut feeling". He can be a bit intimidating and tries to keep Ragnar in check so he doesn't do anything stupid.

Ragnar on the other hand has "teenage boy syndrome" hes cocky, confident, flirtatious, and doesnt take hints well when it comes to getting in trouble which makes him butt heads with his father quite a bit, but in the end of the day they can still sit down for dinner together and be civil"

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