Old Enemies-The Black Fountain
"Come down, come down,

Flow down to dark places,

Flow down, flow down,

Be one in dark places..."

The creepy, murmuring  Black Fountain first appeared in The Labors of Dragonet (chapter five),  August of 2011. It was an ancient entity threatening to break out from the depths of the Earth and plague the surface lands.

By the end of the same adventure Woeda tells Dragonet of The Black Fountain and how they were magically sealed deep in the Earth by her ancestors and the first Behemoths.

The foul pollution possesses knowledge and desires to corrupt the surface world and all living things. It seeps and lures victims into its corrosive, shapeless grasp and malform those it does not consume. 

The Black Fountain is present on Daga's world of origin, where it shaped the evolution of creatures as it welled up from the bottom of a huge swamp. After thousands of years it helped produce monsters like Daga, who then use its powers in her own bestial ambitions.

What appearances if any the Fountain will make is uncertain. It can take different forms and produce vile offspring. 

I hope this will help the setting of a later chapter, The Black Fountain. Dragonet and her friends venture and fight to protect the great seals from those hoping to unleash and use the vile fountain for their own wicked ends.

Next time--The Hobgoblins