Old fashioned art
Thoughts. I always try new things, usually in a field where I have next to no experience or tuition, and learn on the go (bringing all the stuff I learnt in the OTHER fields before, of course). Thus repeating many of the steps others have trodden before me. And sometimes getting stuck half-way at the point where I like it best. 

For some months now, my creative thoughts are going art. 

I mean!! pop music is art too!! but in the English sense, art as in opposed to performing art. (Which includes duration performance, interactivity, and soundscapes, too, weird enough ☺️) 

So, if I start going deeper into meaning and layers, I, probably, will do old-fashioned stuff again, as in directing, and pop music, because I have to invent everything again, starting from scratch. And will probably get stuck at some point that was new in, say, the 1920ies, because I LIKE it there. 

Does that make me a bad artist? Should I stick with what I really can do well, and try to invent something REALLY NEW? 

I LIKE old fashioned.

Or does it just mean art isn't ex

Do you mind? pplploploiploitploiteploitedploited ploited yploited yeploited yetploited yet?ploited yet? 

Does it have ANY meaning speaking an old-fashioned tongue when talking about stuff going wrong in the world or in the brain? Other than making it, well, nice? Artists did it always, and not for the worse of it. Does art always have to LOOK new? And how the heck do you know new from old in a world with 7 billion people? 

Sorry for putting my thoughts on you. But this is the place to ask for your opinions, and I'd love to hear them! 

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Buuut I LIKE old fashioned. 😊 

Do you mind? 

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