Old Mill (Very early work by Deryk Houston
I remember very clearly doing this painting in 1975. I painted it sitting at Elizabeth's dining room in Vancouver. It seemed magical to me the way the forms emerged out of the shadows and light. I had just completed high school. The scent of the oils in the paint seemed so mysterious to me as a young boy. The turpentine. The linseed oil. The paints.

Even today,  when I am at the art store buying supplies.....I will unscrew a jar of linseed oil and enjoy the memories of those early days of making art. 

I remember driving home after a long day at Sandy Hills near Dalbeattie  with my mom and dad. We had stopped along the road to watch an old man sitting beside the road painting a scene of an old quarry.

I was mesmerised  by the qualities and style of the painting. It was fascinating for me to look at the artists interpretation of the quarry scene in front of us. It was the same image..... but also different.... and as a young boy I found that very inspiring! 

I returned many years later to this area and created a work of art in a farmers field.... but that is a story for much later in this blog.

My next post will be the first painting I did when I attended Emily Carr art school in Vancouver.