Old Tippecanoe!
Today's episode is all about William Henry Harrison! We like to call him by all three names, but a lot of folks just called him Tip.

In this episode we discuss...

-WHH's early life and subsequent education,

-his military career under General "Mad Anthony" Wayne,

-an un-sanctioned marriage,

-the start of public service as a U.S. Congressman,

-a position as the territorial governor of Indiana,

-the first dealings and battles with Tecumseh at Tippecanoe,

-an ongoing War of 1812,

-and more!

During the next episode we'll be talking about his short time as president and much more!

Keep listening and be sure to "tune in" (cuz we're sure you're listening on a radio, after all) next week where we start exploring the background to a book called The Fever of 1721  that our friends from over at Simon and Schuster sent to us.