old vs new TINF edit comparisons


Welcome to January 2021! 🎉 I've officially uploaded all of the new edited TINF pages onto the main website! You'll see that everything matches now, shiny and greyscale~ ✨

I thought it'd be fun to share some old vs new comparisons! I've chosen a page from each chapter. Chapter 1 was actually originally in greyscale (except that rainbow LOL) and then I edited it to be in color a few years ago 😱, so I actually had to go back and edit it back to greyscale...

Some things I've edited:

  • changed all colored pages to greyscale
  • re-drew all the backgrounds
  • dialogue edits including grammar corrections and adjusting text/jokes I find offensive now
  • changing out a bulk of cameo characters (specifically old BFF characters) into new OCs

I'd like everyone to know that I started TINF so long ago that 1) I didn't have a smartphone and couldn't even imagine what it was like and 2) I had drawn Landon wearing sweater vests... and they're back on trend atm.......... truly wild

I've included a picture showing how I've changed specific characters! For those of you who are unaware, there were a handful of characters in TINF that didn't belong to me. I've adjusted them as:

  • Louis (Sydney Morgan's agent/stand-in) ➡️ Gabriel Birke
  • Teddy (lawyer in ch 16) ➡️ Milo Mathai
  • Vincent Fawkes (actor) ➡️ Adrian Paris

You'll see that both Sydney Morgan and (now) Gabriel's appearances have been updated. Also, before, Vincent's character was named Adrian Paris, but I've adjusted it to just be the stage name he goes by.

If you re-read TINF you'll notice some other background character changes, but those are the most important I'd like you to see! Next time these characters show up in the comic, I'll be sure to remind you in the artist comments who they are with their updated looks. 💖

Volume 1 of the book is good (I think? LOL), but I've already noticed some later pages where I forgot to edit the names of the characters, despite "finishing" my edits 😅... (true story, catch me waking up at 7am, eyes busting open, "I FORGOT JULIAN MENTIONED VINCENT/ADRIAN IN CH 26!!!") if you happen to come across anything I missed, please let me know! There are so many TINF pages... I'm suffering... LOL

What do you think of the edits??? I hope you like them, and I hope you find my adjustments fit the characters a bit better! Thanks so much to anyone who reads it but if you're looking forward to a physical re-read, hopefully I'll have something to announce soon!

See you next week! 💖💖💖

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