So, in a nutshell, many folks now I have been working on music for a while now, and long before I knew i had Parkinson's. Some of my music has gone "out of print" due to the time when it was released. Now only to exist probably in the Bargain bins of indie record stores and private collections. I wish I could say I will re-release everything but the fire on my birthday gutted the house and studio and took, along with most all my possessions, most all the masters I had over the years.  Lit is the first Album to have both pre-fire and post fire tracks. I do however have 4 CDs waiting either artwork, or final mastering, with two actually completed and ready for release this year. Your help makes this possible. The Old 78s, a collection of vintage era inspired blues music, and For Fun and Money, a collection of more modern fun songs will be released this year, beginning in digital format, and then in a limited run CD, and If the Patreon dollars are kind, a vinyl run.