The Oldest Living Thing
Quaking aspens are incredible plants, beautiful and resiliant. We visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon this fall, and drove past a huge area that had burned a few years ago. Acres upon acres were full of yellow aspens growing up to reclaim the burned area:

Most aspens turn yellow in the fall, but some few turn orange or red--like those pictured up above.

And--cool fact--the oldest and heaviest organism in the entire world is a quaking aspen grove named Pando, which you can read more about in this latest creative coauthor book. As always, scroll down to read the book in color. Pdf versions you can download and print are available at the bottom of this post in a variety of paper sizes.

This last summer we were able to pay a quick visit to Pando. This view from highway 25 was taken a few minutes before entering the grove from the south. It's a bit sad to think that we've built a road right through one of the largest living organisms on the planet--but in our defense, at the time the road was built we didn't realize how extensive or long lived clonal quaking aspen colonies were, and no one knew that this one was one of the oldest:

I hope you enjoyed learning more about this incredible plant and, as always, thanks so much for your support!

-Science Mom