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Oldtaku in Space: Feel So Moon

Welcome to the space show! Oldtaku no Radio's doin' a little something special for Ani-Gamers Content Respecters: a brand new miniseries focused on Ayumu Watanabe's anime adaptation of Chuya Koyama's seinen Sci-Fi manga Space Brothers. Each installment will look at a set of episodes per each of the DVD/BD releases from Sentai Filmworks.

Our first episode, named for the song in the first OP, covers Episodes 1-13, which establishes who these siblings are, sets the themes and tone for the launch of this series, and introduces the first set of many characters to come. Spoilers are woven into the discussion, so go ahead and stream the show (links below) or don't say we didn't warn ya. Enjoy!

Feel free to leave questions and comments here or in the episode question threads.

Opening/Ending music:
"Jupiter" by Gustav Holst

Space News (0:00:00-0:13:33)
'70s samples to be opened. (via NASA)
NASA says first person on mars likely to be a woman. (Science Friday)
Toyota  … on the MOON! (via JAXA)
Hayabusa2 to pull an Armageddon. (Sort of...not really)
Cannonball Pulsar
Fireball burst

Feel So Moon (0:16:00-1:19:20)
Kodansha Comics Interview: mangaka Chuya Koyama

Questions (1:19:21-1:24:00)

We're giving away the entire series of Space Brothers on brand new, never before opened BDs for someone who writes in to [email protected] or comments on any Oldtaku in Space post and tells us in a solid (at least 3-sentence paragraph) why they love space or what they find cool about it. Good luck!

Watch Space Brothers!
Space Brothers 1-13 on Crunchyroll or HIDIVE.
Buy the first collection at Rightstuff (BD, DVD); Amazon (BD, DVD); or Sentai (BD/DVD). 

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