OLED VS QLED!! Which Is Better? What is OLED/QLED?
OLED VS QLED!! Which Is Better? What is OLED/QLED?


Hey there, Brainy here and today i'm gonna be talking about OLED and QLED Displays. I talk about what an Oled Display is, what a Qled Display is and which of them is better. The answer might actually surprise you, or maybe not. Anyway, stay tuned and ley's get into it.

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Hey guys Brainy here and today I’ve got a very interesting question. OLED vs. QLED! Which is Better? Now this something that I personally wondered about and when I did my research all my questions were answered. So in this video I’m gonna tell you what’s OLED and What’s QLED, and which one is actually better.

First Off, let’s talk about OLED. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Each pixel in an OLED display is made of a material that glows when you give it a jolt of electricity.  This effect is called electroluminescence: "electro" for electricity, "lumin" for light and "escence" for, well, basically "essence." The specific electroluminescent materials used in OLED displays are organic compounds, which means they contain carbon plus some other ingredients. Each color requires a different organic compound. Each tiny OLED pixel in the screen creates light depending on how much electric current you send it. Lots of current produces lots of light. No current produces no light. And that's one key to OLED's excellent picture quality. OLED TV marketing often claims "infinite" contrast ratios. Since OLED can produce a perfect black, emitting no light whatsoever, its contrast ratio (expressed as the brightest white divided by the darkest black) is technically infinite. And contrast ratio is arguably the most important aspect of picture quality. OLED Displays are typically known for producing some of the crispiest and darkest colours available while still displaying them at high quality. 

Now, What is QLED? QLED stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode. QLED is essentially a new variation on the quantum-dot TV technology that headlined Samsung's 2016 SUHD (Super UHD) range. Quantum dots are tiny particles of between two and 10 nanometres in diameter. They're employed in displays due to their ability in conjunction with other materials to give off different colours according to their size. The advantage of this is that they're capable of emitting brighter, more vibrant, and more diverse colours – the sort of colours that really make HDR content shine, thanks to the high peak brightness that can be achieved. Quantum-dot TVs are also considered to be more cost-effective to manufacture than OLED ones, meaning consumers can enjoy comparable or even better picture quality at a lower price. What QLED displays usually lack in is contrast ratios. They cannot produce as dark a picture as can be produced by OLED Displays.

Now the question is which is better? And the  answer to that really depends on who you are. It depends on what you really want to see while watching videos, movies or even pictures. The great thing about these displays is that they do not work like LCD Displays and can therefore be made smaller and smaller in terms of the width of the TV or Monitor. The LG W Series for example uses an OLED display and fits in at an amazing 2.5mm thickness. Both OLED and QLED displays are known for producing very high quality images and again, which one you get really is dependent on what you needs are.


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