Olivier Deriviere - Remember Me Full In-Game Soundtrack (Unreleased)
 This is a compilation of all in-game music, written by Olivier Deriviere for the "Remember Me" videogame. You will find here all the unreleased music from the game and even a few tracks, that did not get to the game. Game's score is very interactive, so the gamerip is quite unlistenable, it consists of many pieces and samples, that are only beginnings, endings, middles and little parts of the whole tracks. So here I combined all of these to complete tracks. I was very glad to finish it at last, so, please, enjoy this gorgeous soundtrack fully and uncut!

Not all music from the released album included here. Some themes play in the album in a way, they never play in the game, a few of them arranged very different from what they are here, and there are really lots of music, that did not made it's way to the released album at all. So it is certain, that this compilation is intended to be listened togather with the released album, only then you will have a full experience of "Remember Me" music. So, please, support Olivier Deriviere and all, who have worked on this great music, and buy the released album.

Buy the official OST album here:

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