Olympus Union Characters: Creating a Hateful Villain
With so many characters that I've developed over the years, I've had a chance to play with some interesting personalities. What I've only tried to do once was to create someone more hateful, with Dondo Kryz. Even with the Water Captain, though, I made him a jerk and a money grubber, but not particularly evil. In Pirate's Lies, I'm trying to take it to a different level. Delving into the dirt bag that Sheel Travis is has actually been fun. So many hateful qualities and so little time! It's with Zonis that I'm having the most fun, though, because I'm creating someone positively horrid and evil. I'll talk more about him as time goes on, but I'm really working through the editing to be incredibly clear about just how violent, how vicious, and how feared Zonis is... and should be.