Olympus Union: Pirate's Lies free e-book novel
Introducing the latest e-book novel, Olympus Union: Pirate's Lies. This e-book features the Red Scythe, the colonized cities of Mars, and the war torn planetoid of Ceres. Featuring the characters Hardbarger, Sadie North, Tudor Lom, as well as introducing Rizalina Carro and Warlord Zonis! This was a fun story to write. Exploring the personalities of the Red Scythe, the cities of Mars, and creating a damaged landscape on Ceres was challenging. It was also a lot of fun. Thanks to the patrons of Patreon who have made this possible! This e-book is formatted for Kindle. You can pick up a free Kindle app for your tablet, iPad, PC or smart phone if you need it.