Omen of news? Defango's Ghost Support
Well, I just looked at my Patreon and I'm kinda shocked and sad things have not been supported as they were pledged, I'm kinda dead in the water right now and I'm not sure what to do. 

We started this because Youtube won't payout the revenue from the channel. Now it seems Patreon is not working out as well. I Spent so much time and effort creating new interesting content and doing things like no other and I was counting on your support. Without that support my channel dies and I died, and I'm pretty much dead ATM. I count on you guys for support. I did so many great videos this month and even offered a ton from the Eclipse Festival where the entire channel went for broke to make content better than the rest. 

I just feel like all my hard work was for nothing again. It's way worse than when youtube did it, because at least youtube was straight up about it. Here people just pledge and decline when it comes to support and It's basically killed my channel. Sorry if it sounds sad I'm just being honest.

 Thanks for supporting me and I hope you folks do better with others. I needed the support to keep going, without support I'm dead in the water. It was fun to have the idea of support, but the reality is far from perfect and has crushed my spirit after a much needed vacation. Thanks to all of you who kept your word and helped me out, I am forever in your debt and I thank you unconditionally for supporting my work and keeping your word to help. I'll do my best in the future but I'm Not sure what to do.