OMG! New Astray3 comic panels!!!! AND OTHER STUFF!

Hello Patrons,

It's been a long time coming, BUT here are the first panels from the next chapter of Astray3. October was busier than expected and slowed down the development process. ( See below for some examples of why the new chapter is taking some time to get on its feet. ) However, page production is up and running now. 

When will you see new pages and subsequently start being charged on Patreon again? I'm estimating the beginning of January. Why so long? I will be doing a soft relaunch and fresh promotion push for the comic starting 2020. To that end, it would be beneficial to have several months of updates ready to go before then. ( Before the inevitable slowdown. )
In the interim, I will keep dropping fresh panels here for your enjoyment. Plus, plenty of concept art!

Here is some WIP concept art. These represent the other side of the "tralk" "fertilizer" tralleg. Prisoners/victims are stripped and processed in this area before ascending the ramps to the grinder platform. Also, in chapter four, we will be going into more depth about how the hypnotic yellow powders work. 

The below image doesn't have the workstations set up on the deck. ( See the second image for the stalls used by the stripping crew. ) Also, notice the torsion style ballista hung up along the deck wall. These are stored and will be unshipped for defensive purposes. Not sketched out yet are the Roman style Scorpioes along the outside rail. ( The brown lumps.) The rough sketch at the far right is a crane deck with a Roman-style treadwheel crane. That will have a dedicated design image. 

This is very much a work in progress. The gate area is the left side of the above image. The row of stalls will be arranged along the deck beneath the shipped ballista.

Here we have a smaller cargo-hauler style Tralleg. You can see that they use large fauna as part of the construction process. ( It's more insidious than just throwing in a few bones to brace the wood-like structure. I'll save that gruesome description for another time. )

That is all for now!

More art and panel previews soon!

All the best,



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