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OMSI Mini Maker Faire 2014 & More Showcases
Another great expo month! OMSI Mini Maker Faire was a success, and followup expos gave members a great opportunity to gather more feedback for their games and displays. I'm becoming more and more interested in designing expo & convention booths. If only I had the time… or the game! Though our location at Mini Maker Faire wasn't the best, we made the best of it to engage a fraction of the event's 7k visitors amongst 115 other makers! Some new friends joined us to showcase their Minecraft mods (which, I must say, drove kids in very easily), some brief presentation iterations went on for frequent showcasers like Rubicon and Crash Cart, and we had an arcade cabinet on site featuring the esteemed Rocket Donkey! Definitely a good experience for all and something we look forward to improving even further for next year! Later in the month, many PIGSquad members got together to showcase their projects at the opening of an apartment building in Northwest for another fun evening, which acted as some much-needed practice for Indie Game Con 2014, (held in Eugene this past weekend)! To read more about the con, check out – I believe pictures and followup blogs will be up shortly! Regarding these expos, I'm considering another big gameplay night for late November/early December… What do you think about a night where developers set up their games for play while illustrators, animators, and pixel artists onlook in a drink 'n draw night to create fan art for the games present? Maybe something like that mixed in with a pitch party? Too much? Too little? I think it'd be a blast and really want to look into it. BUT NOT BEFORE ANOTHER GAME JAM! You can totally commit me to hosting a jam for the second, third, or fourth week in November – apologies for being wishy washy with these dates, but I was having trouble working with the Indie Speedrun (likely not happening this year) and I need to lock down a location before a definite "yes!" Global Game Jam 2015 registration just went live today, too, so more deets on that soon. Excited for things past and future, but I'm off to IndieCade in the present! I might catch you in the midst of Design Week, but if not, I'll see you at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo coming up the weekend of the 18th-19th!