Not sure I really need to talk about this. Most people don't. But  I thought I'd be transparent and announce this to my patreons and followers.

So, a recent experiment found that  my site (potentially) could pay for it's own server costs (and a bit more) at current levels of traffic (which are fairly high, due to my successful Abyssrium guide, and to a lesser extent Axiom Verge and Megadimension Neptunia V2).

So I've decided to re-enable ads on, but only on "guide" articles. I want my site to be as easy and light to read as possible and I like to think I've done a pretty good job. Guides are the only things that get significant, sustained traffic anyway, and they require the most effort and provide the most value, so I think only putting ads on the guides is a great way to go.

In a perfect world I'd love to not need ads, and if I can ever comfortably live off income sources relating to my passions without properly needing ads, I probably will turn them off. But right now, turning off ads serves a fairly minor amount of people (who haven't particularly complained--and I try to keep my ads light!) while forfeiting a fairly substantial amount of my non-day-job income. So for now, I hope this all seems reasonable.

I'm currently on crappy shared hosting but not having undue problems due to it. I'm hoping to upgrade that to a Virtual Private Server when the income/benefits line up right. But most importantly, I just want to write, talk and share about games and have more time to do so.