On Being Yourself
I spent a lot of time before I got really serious about my art, learning how to sell art. Most of that was me going 'I need to learn how to do that'. Then half-ass learning it and hoping I would get better. 

I learned about marketing, social media, talking to people, getting out there, making art, pricing art and so much more. 

I basically reconfirmed that I knew nothing and felt like I needed to learn everything.

One of those things was to 'be yourself'. Around every corner I was encouraged to learn to 'be authentic'. Well, shit, if I was authentic everyone would just read me swearing and a personal diary of how I'm terrified on every single post.

Well, I guess this is one of those posts, but whatever. 

Yesterday at a Painting Party someone asked me to 'be more like Bob Ross' as a joke. Well, I thought I am definitely NOT Bob Ross, a painting icon who had a mesmerizing educational show on PBS.  

I'm full of energy, but not like an excessive amount. I'm happy, but I don't act like I'm high all the time. Most of all, my hair game is basically garbage in comparison to Bob's.  (If you somehow have no idea what I'm talking about fire up your Netflix and find some Bob Ross NOW!)

Instead of obsessing over my teaching style, I decided to keep being myself. The result was a party that was a tonne of fun, everyone came away with some fantastic art and I was grinning ear to ear. 

 I realized I was being authentic. I was doing it! It was working!! 

I look around at my collection of art hanging in my house and see that it reflects me. Every single painting isn't a painting for someone else. It's a reflection of me. 

Now, people are starting to recognize my style and connect with me. I'm making friends that I've met through art and vending. I'm being myself more and more without actually trying. 

I'm even starting to get the hell out of the studio and do other things. I'm booking events and things I've never done before. Most importantly I'm also NOT WORKING all the time! I'm gardening, going for walks, making dinner and doing a better job at seeing my friends. 

Being yourself IS something that helps you with your art. It opens your heart and allows you access to new ideas. It helps me connect with others. It gives me a healthy perspective of my art and allows me to sell it instead of accumulating stacks of canvases like a hoarder. 

It's coming out more on my social media and I'm learning how to put all these pieces together. It's been 2 years since I started taking classes and learning where to start with this whole art business.  It's taken a long time to absorb what I learned and put it into practice. 

I'm loving it and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

In case you haven't heard, I'm having an Art and Wine Night on June 9th. You are all cordially invited! It's at 205 Brunswick St, in the Cantin Brothers shop. They are IT professionals and have generously allowed me to display and host events there! 

I'll have wine, light food and music. I'm making art especially for the event and I'll have a bunch of cards and other items up for sale.

I'm really excited and I hope you can make it. If you can, let me know in the comments below. 

 Anyway, this post is super long. I'm going now!

Tanti baci!!!! 


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