On The Desk: Week of 13 April
Some good things have happened this past week. Carla and I received word that the contract for our series No Mercy is progressing. We haven't seen it yet, but we've agreed the details and this particular publisher is always as good as his word. The first issue probably won't drop until year end at earliest, but we do have forward movement. Going to start writing Issue 2 (already outlined) next week. This week is all about finishing the final issue of a 4-issue work for hire miniseries (for an indie publisher). I just did Issue 3 this past week, but I'd rather get the whole thing done now. It gets me paid sooner, and then if new work comes along I'm free to take it. This week is also about finishing re-lettering Valentine. I've re-lettered 45 (!!) weeks of episodes, and have only 2 to go. You have no, NO idea how happy I will be when this is done. I feel like all I do these days is letter... and having Valentine off my plate will be a huge relief. I still have to letter the new episodes as they are produced, but that's not the same as having a huge backlog of old episodes to redo/polish up. Oh, and I hope to get another 3,000 words done on the novel. Only got one day of writing last week (1700 words) done on it because of a last-minute commercial directing pitch plus the work for hire script. Oh yes AND AND redoing my website and showreel, both hugely in need of updating. My website still links to my Livejournal :(:( We're still working on prepping the Scarlett (all-ages 56 page OGN) Kickstarter... a draft cover is this week's image! I'm noodling about with doing a college football series. Have a great artist potentially interested, but I couldn't even begin writing it until the autumn. We'll see if we can get it picked up on pitch. Still no word on more Grindhouse. Dark Horse's budgeting is still mega snarled after Mike Richardson's vacation so things have lagged for months now. I stand to lose RM Guera (who was going to draw the Grindhouse Christmas Annual) if they don't hurry up, and that would be... quite frustrating.