On The Desk: Week of 27 April
It's been an awesome week. Grindhouse is still totally up in the air, but that's fine... most of the people involved in its future are at C2E2 so I won't be able to have any proper conversations about it until the back end of this week. Oh, and Margaret the Damned still lacks an artist. But I think the universe is telling me that Margaret should really be a novella, and I'll get on that at the end of this year AFTER I finish a complete draft of the novel I'm working on because, one at a time, kids. But this week rocked. Lady Zorro scripts are in the can, and I finished lettering Issue 1. On Monday I had a major breakthrough in the novel, where a subplot just unfurled like magic and stitched the whole damn book together. Then the rest of the week was devoted to writing the second issue of No Mercy, my teenagers-in-peril series with Carla Speed McNeil. Well... I burned through Issue 2 and am up to page 18 of Issue 3. It's... really good, folks. Or just completely batshit insane, I'm not sure which. I'm having a blast writing it with Carla... we're IM'ing a lot, cackling away, like mean girls plotting your total emotional devastation. This week I'm going to finish Issue #3 of No Mercy and outline Issue #4, then move on to writing the Grindhouse Christmas Annual which is... sort of outlined. There will probably be a Kickstarter for the Grindhouse Annual, and then a few months later, the Scarlett (kids' adventure book) Kickstarter. So I need to get the Grindhouse script written now... because in comics production terms, Christmas is right around the corner. Hopefully I have a few quiet hours to get to the novel, too. I'm pushing hard through May to get No Mercy, Grindhouse Christmas Annual, and a crime series Mack Chater and I are planning, all scripted so June can just be spent on the novel. Whose working title I will, eventually, share. When I get to 30,000 words. On my days: I have three days a week when my daughter is at daycare. On them, I work from 9-12 on writing (sometimes until 1 if I'm really in the flow and nobody interrupts me)... by then my dogs are like HEY YOU HEY WALK US WE'RE GONNA BARK UNTIL YOU WALK US and so I walk them. These walks are great for working out story problems... then in the afternoon, 2-5, I letter, or review art, or do admin stuff. (I still need to redo my website and make a new showreel). On days when my daughter is home, I get maybe 2 hours of writing done. It's hard to concentrate on anything complicated in a 1-bedroom apartment with a happy small person... but sometimes in the morning I can manage it, with headphones.