On a dime.

19,099 read the ticker last night, when I tapped the last period and pushed back the keyboard. —So that's a draft, and fifteen hundred words or so to cut. And I should probably figure out the ending of this one for real, yes yes.

A whole year later than I wanted, and even that want was late, but let's not dwell on that.

Only one more episode to go, then, before the end of volume three, which means there's all those decisions to finalize, reconfiguring the old paperbacks for a new, non-Amazon printer, and prepping the new; and I probably should dwell more on that.

I've been lighting a candle, now, when I wake up, or am woken up by the cats, I should say. —I light a candle, watch the match burn down to my fingertips, and then I draw a single card; I'm currently using the Bad Girl Tarot, for reasons. Yesterday's was the Magician, which, well, okay; today's, as I sat down to write this post and then start setting the software up for the editing pass, today's was the Eight of Swords, reversed:

A bit too on-the-nose, whoever it is you are.

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