On doing "whatever I want"
So I often ask my audience questions like "what kind of videos should I make?" or "how often should I make videos?" and a common response is "do whatever you want, man!" Saw this a bunch in responses to the survey I just sent out.

I understand that my most engaged fans will support most of what I do, but the reason I ask this is not necessarily to make the most engaged fans happy, but to figure out how to make non-engaged fans more engaged. Essentially I'm asking for your advice on how to grow as a creator.

I love making videos, and there are people who are fine with small audiences and no accountability, but personally I want to continue to grow and have a successful career, and in order to do that, I have think a little deeper than just "whatever I want," that's just how it goes. It would be nice if I could sit back and not think about anything and just naturally grow without any thought put into it, but it just doesn't happen. And there's nothing wrong with this. Being a YouTuber or creator of any kind is not just about me and what I want. It's a collaboration between creator and audience, and that's what makes this whole thing special in the first place.

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