On doing what we can, while we can, because we can...lessons from pain and update from me
Life changes in an instant.  It's 11 weeks since I was in hospital and my poor kidney still hurts :(.  I look great but don't feel so great, and some days I get out and others I don't., it's a very new experience for me and I am trying to reap all the lessons I can along the way so I dont (to be totally honest) get mind f*cked with all the unknowns and what might be.  

Some join me on the trail, as a side note just minutes after finishing this video I was almost crawling my way back to the car and I am now home on my heat pad, truly every moment has its own flavor, nailing me to the present moment and rendering me grateful for every slow step,  A humbling and poignant (and sometimes difficult) journey,  As Yogi Bhajan says, it's not the life you live but the courage you bring to it.  Digging deep into my courage well, thank you for being there with me.

I will be back soon with the early release of the next video to be released to our $3 and up patrons (thank you thank you thank you)...

Sending you buckets of love, alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more.

Sat nam